Improving the Health of Nashvillians

Healthcare is a vital part of our community and our economy. Today, there are hundreds of thousands of Tennesseans, including 24,000 veterans who honorably served our country, who do not have health insurance.  This is driving up uncompensated care costs at  hospitals across the state, and played a major role in 10 rural hospital closures since 2010.As State Representative, I will work to maintain an environment that encourages innovation, investment, and improvement in the health outcomes for all Tennesseans.

Building an Environment for Economic Growth

Nashville’s central location makes our city a prime center for economic growth and development. Our business friendly environment, along with our rich natural resources and southern authenticity, attracts more than 100 million visitors and nearly $20 billion in economic impact last year.As State Representative, I will focus on the fundamental issues like building an educated workforce  prepared for 21st century job opportunities.

Educating Tomorrow’s Leaders

I believe educating our children is the most important thing we do as parents and as a community. I value the commitment of our teachers and administrators who have dedicated their lives to our kids.


As State Representative, I will work to improve early childhood education and after school programs. I believe our teachers deserve to be paid  for the incredible work they do, and our schools must have the resources they need to prepare our next generation of leaders.

Combating the Opioid Epidemic

Last year, there were more opioid prescriptions written in Tennessee than there were men, women and children living in the state. This  epidemic was responsible for more early deaths than automobile accidents, suicides and homicides last year.As State Representative, I will focus on the underlying behavioral health issues, as well as the impact this epidemic is having on our hospitals, particularly our rural health providers.

Sustaining Our Infrastructure

Many of our state roads and bridges have sat in  disrepair for far too long. I-440  sat virtually untouched for thirty years while it crumbled before our eyes. Our everyday lives and businesses are impacted by increased congestion and a lack of a cohesive plan to address our regional transportation issues.As State Representative, I will make sure the roads we use to get to work, transport our kids to school, and route our emergency vehicles are well-maintained and can handle our projected growth. I will also work with local, state and federal officials to implement common sense solutions to our transportation challenges.

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